Valentine Mug

Bon Jovi Valentine Mug

Y’all. I haven’t posted consistently in weeks.

But there’s just something about holidays! It’s like my mind awakens. I keep thinking of ideas, dangit.* And then I just have to make them happen–or else they sit in my head and make me crazy (and that’s the part where I sound insane).

My husband loves Bon Jovi, always has. So when I had this idea in the shower the other day, I knew it was a winner.

We’ve all heard of Sharpie mugs. I did this sweet little one for Modern Parents Messy Kids a while back, and it’s still one of my favorites.

I decided to try a different method this time, though. Just for kicks.

The last one held up pretty well, but it did start to fade after several washes.

So this time, I tried using glass paint markers. You can get them at any craft store and they come in all colors. (Which is already a step up from a Sharpie mug, since the Sharpie colors fade when you bake them.)


Just a note: the markers say “translucent” but they aren’t if you are using them on white ceramic. I actually can’t wait to test them out on some glass projects as well.

As for the process? Just like any other mug project, simply sketch out your design before-hand, then you’re ready to start.

And don’t fret. You can erase as you go if you aren’t happy with the result. Just use a wet paper towel to clean your mistakes and try again.

I didn’t focus too hard on the writing, because I wanted it to look more casual. Same goes for the arrows, and especially the red coloring. I wanted it to look hand-drawn, so imperfection was key.

Bon Jovi Valentine Mug

Then when you’re done, just bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes and let cool.

I gave it to Michael a few days early, well, because I couldn’t resist.

He’s been singing Bon Jovi every morning since. Coincidence?

I think not.


*Believe it or not, but I have two more Valentines projects coming up this week. TWO!!! I’m a crafting fool, I tell you!



2 Responses to “Valentine Mug”

  1. Hayden

    Thanks for this adorable idea! My husband’s birthday is today, so it made the perfect extra little something. He loved it.