Vintage Style

A few weeks ago we were shooting a Cornerstone video for our new series on Parenting. We were in need of a kitchen with a vintage feel and someone quickly suggested mine to eliminate location scouting. The day of the shoot, I ran home to pull together the look. My time was limited so I decided to search my house for something, anything, “vintage” to use prop-wise.

Now, I knew I had a love for vintage. But no one ever told me I had a problem.

As I went room to room, I kept finding more. And more. And even more. Vintage fans, a vintage juicer, milk glass galore, vintage dishes, vintage tea cups, vintage pitchers, vintage stools, vintage umbrellas, vintage pyrex, vintage dresses, vintage boxes, vintage radios, vintage photographs….you get the idea.

When did I become such a collector? How did this happen? I’ve been hoodwinked.

I don’t know what it is about me, but vintage has always been my taste. I think I was in high school the first time someone told me I had an “old soul.” I also  may be the only girl I know who requested a classic 1960′s vintage theme for my 13th birthday party. My bee hive was rockin’ by the way.

Now, my love for vintage doesn’t mean I always dress like Donna Reed, or that my whole house looks like an ad in Better Housekeeping.

But. Vintage makes me happy, and that’s the bottom line. I’m coming clean and proclaiming it to the world.

I love the history, the tailored looks, and the one of a kind-ness that it offers.

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pinterest via Allison Aars
pinterest via Allison Aars
 pinterest via Allison Aars
The word vintage tends to be used for just about everything these days (selling your house, but the bathroom is circa 1985? List it as vintage!). So this morning I decided to look up what the word really means.

Vintage (n.)- Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic. 

With a definition like that, I hope someone describes me as “vintage” someday…