Dinosaur Month: Dino Feet

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Isaiah had so much fun walking in our dinosaur tracks, we figured why not make our own dinosaur feet?


You could easily sew a pair, or simply cut some out of felt, but we like to use what we have around the house so we re-purposed an old gift bag to make ours.


While Isaiah was making more dinosaur footprint fossils today (he asked if we could do it AGAIN…seriously, the most random projects turn out to be the biggest gems) I went and grabbed his sneakers.

I placed them on our gift bag and then free-handed dino feet around them, to make sure they were relatively the same size (only larger).


Then we cut them out and added the claws (OK, mine look more like painted toe nails…you win some you lose some).


The last step was to cut an opening similar to the size of his shoe opening. It’s OK to cut a slit in the back of the dino foot so they’re easier to put on (this way a toddler can do it all by his onesie).


Then all you have to do is stomp around and ROAR. Yes, you. Trust me. It’s so much fun, you’ll be doing it too.


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  2. Heather - Chickabug


    I hope the next children’s party I go to has a bunch of cute kids running around with dino-feet on. Easy to make + fun to wear is the perfect formula for a kid’s party mainstay. Love it! Thanks for sharing! : )